I’m a southern girl.  To be more specific, I’m a Georgia peach.

I migrated to South Carolina when I was young thing, but Georgia is where I have longed to be for something like 22 years.  There is nothing wrong with South Carolina.  I love my adopted home-state, I do, at least as much as any resident can, but I dream of the day that I don’t have to drive three hours to take part in a Braves game.  (Currently, I’m a 16 hour plane ride away, so when I do go back home, maybe 3 hours won’t feel that bad.)  Ah . . . the Braves.  That is another story, and has noting to do with cooking, so I’ll move on.

In the south, we eat a lot of stuff with fruit either in it or on it, from breakfast all the way to dessert.

Yum.  Dessert.

Do you know how I learned to spell dessert?  A teacher, I can’t remember which one, told me that dessert was like desert, except that it had two s’s because you always wanted more of it.  To do this day, every time I write the word dessert, that is what I think  of.  And it is so true.  I want more dessert so often that I even dream about eating wonderful concoctions.

One thing that I have never had, though, is peach pie.  Actually, up until late last year, I had never had any kind of fruit pie before.  Not apple.  Not pear.  Not cherry.  Not blueberry.  You get the drift.   Yeah, I’m probably the wost southerner ever.  I’m also the worst English major ever.  And I very well could be the worst cook ever, too, hence, the name of this little blog.

Well, I’ve made enough apple pies now to feel comfortable making one, so that is what I intend to do.  But first, I have to gather my ingredients, and that means a trip to the store.  Until I can come home and document my adventure in pie making, I’ll leave you with this peachy YouTube video – Peaches by Presidents of the USA.

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