I like to cook.

I also have a tendency to cry.

When you put me in the kitchen, tears are almost certain to flow.

But tears have never stopped me before, so I continue to do what I love, even though I pretty much suck at it.

As I cook and cry, I will post my concoctions  – both good and bad – for you to enjoy.

And if ever you find yourself asking, “Why in the world is she crying about that?”  The answer is easy.  I am currently living in China, my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, I can’t get my hands on all of the wonderful little gadgets that would make life a lot easier without maxing out my credit card, a lot of the ingredients I need are either not here or would also involve maxing out the plastic in my wallet, and well, crying is just what I do.

If you cry when you cook, too, then welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your time here.  We can have a good cry together.

If you are one of those chefs that are awesome at what you do and you never shed a tear -well, I one day hope that I’m as cool as you are.

Bon appetit!

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